About MCBC

Like you I'm a comic fan, a collector who loves nothing more than flicking through pages filled with artwork that tell's stories beyond anything that happens in everyday life. To see super heroes fly and take on the world, or villains that have been dreamt up in some ones head and to have only imagination as the real limited to how far these wonderful stories can go.

As my love grew so did my collection and it just kept growing! So as most of you have encountered or I'm sure many of you will, it's getting to the point where you can't quite remember what you do have. I hate that when you pop in a local store or a boot fair, see a stack of Superman comics and you can't quite make your mind up what you do or do not own.

That my friend's is why this site now exists, to offer you the chance to be able to track your collection, to have the ability to be able to pop out your phone, do a quick search and Boom! The stack of Walking Dead's in front of you are now either in or not!

So I reached ot to all the comic book houses and asked to use there images and such to be able to give you the nicest interactive experience possible, to give you a profile so you can call to the world "I'm a comic book fan!" and here it is! So dig in and go nuts, we will be adding new books as and when and if you see we don't have a particular comic or graphic please get in touch.

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