Star Wars Rogue One Comic Book Incoming

The winter blockbuster that has changed the Star Wars landscape and how we see A New Hope will be getting the Marvel touch and be released as a comic book in the coming months. Following Marvel's other successful Star War movie tales, Rogue One looks set to join a very collectable line up. Way back in 1977 the comic book studio gave us a New Hope, Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes back. The prequel's sat at another house and at a different time but The Force Awakens joined the Marvel ranks last year.

The new comic will be written by Jody Houser (“Faith,” “Mother Panic”) and feature art by Emilio Laiso (“Star Wars Annual,” “The Mighty Captain Marvel”) and be captured in all fine art form in this limited series.

Houser has spoken about the comic have a little bit of a different tone to that of the movie, "The comics will definitely expand on what was seen in both ‘Rogue One’ the film and the novelization,”.

“Lucasfilm and [‘Rogue One’ director] Gareth Edwards had a bunch of ideas for extra scenes and character moments that didn’t make it into the film. I’m having a lot of fun playing around with those. Adaptations across different forms of media have always been a great opportunity to explore other facets of the story, and we’re excited to have new material in the ‘Rogue One’ comic.” - Said Houser

Houser also spoke of the tone set by the movie compared to that of other Star Wars films

“‘Rogue One’ definitely puts the ‘War’ in Star Wars in a way that we haven’t necessarily seen in the movies before,” said Houser. “Sure, we’ve had populated worlds and stations the size of moons blown up, Order 66, but we’re not used to all of our leads being expendable. We’re not used to seeing so much of the death and destruction close up. I think stripping away some of the fantasy and raising the stakes is a brave move, especially in a precedent-setting movie like this. It adds weight and meaning to the events that immediately follow in ‘A New Hope’ by showing the cost. Of course, I did start my comics career writing primarily horror and tragedy/tear-jerker shorts, so I may be a bit biased here…”

I for one will be looking forward to reading this and will enjoy the tale of Jyn Erso when it hits stands in the future.